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Quick Overview 
1. Receipt of Notice of Award (NOA): Research Service Center (RSC), Principal Investigator (PI), AOR and/or others can receive this. If received by PI directly, PI must send a copy to RSC Contact to begin award set-up
2. RSC initiates the project in PeopleSoft and updates the proposal record with award budget, F&A breakdown, award period, title, and shared effort information
3. COEHD RSC Director reviews award information in PeopleSoft
4. COE RSC Director sends award info to Grants & Contracts Financial Services (GCFS)
5. GCFS reviews all award information, enters all award milestones (reporting due dates) and invoicing/billing information into record, and initiaties the project ID activation process
6. GCFS sends information to Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to establish routing approvals for the project
7. SPOC notifies RSC that account has been set up in PeopleSoft
8. RSC notifies PI that account has been set up and provides project ID, copy of award documentation, and budget
Overview of Dept & PI Responsibilities for Hiring, Purchasing, etc. - coming soon!